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Strange, Stranger, Strangest!

May 23rd, 2016 by and tagged ,

A CARP PIE   FANBOYS  Some;  others Cup Stacking. You might be one of the millions of people who loves football or video games, but have you tried a new sport called cup-stacking? Three children from Taiwan competed in a world championship in Germany called The Cup-Stacking finals of agility. They were FIVE HUNDRED people competing […]

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100 wc

April 24th, 2016 by and tagged ,

A CARP PIE DE:DE Some; other FANBOYS If, if, if, then Recycling keeps our environment healthy, so why don’t you try it and see what you think? Some people don’t care about nature; others care about the entire planets health. If you have litter for the bin, if you see the bin, if all of the […]

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the virtual world problem

April 10th, 2016 by and tagged , ,

A CARP PIE  FANBOYS  DE:DE About 19 years ago, there was a 7 year old boy named Kirigaya Kazuto who loved playing MMOS, which is a game that is played online and has a system called a nerve gear. Kirigaya’s three  favourite games are Sword Art Online, Alf Hein Online and Gun Gale Online. Then a new game came […]

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March 10th, 2016 by and tagged ,

ACARPPIE    FanBoys What is Selligonally? Selligonally is a planet full of wonder and mystery. “It’s a dream landscape,” some people would say. It is a tropical rainforest which shows you just how beautiful nature can be! Will you see Selligonally from Earth? Being far away will not stop you seeing it, because you can see […]

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Harry potter and the philosopher stone

February 8th, 2016 by and tagged ,

Today I am reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling, chapter 1. This chapter is about Mr and Mrs Dudley and there little baby Dudley and how they hate Mrs Dudley’s sister and her family, the Potter’s and all things strange. Mr Dudley goes to work and saw a tabby cat reading a […]

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Spelling sentences.

February 5th, 2016 by and tagged ,

On the twenty ninth of may my sister, who is annoying, will be eight. My aunty Stacy, who is eighteen, cried when she saw the height of a skyscraper. A lighthouse, which guides boats, can blind you if you look at the bright light too long. My cousin, who is crazy, has a weight of 29.6pounds. One night […]

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100wc no.5

February 2nd, 2016 by and tagged ,

2234 Jocie  2232 Daniel-s Edited version: The fire was blazing, down below people had gathered, looks of horror on there faces. Suddenly they heard a cry: “Help me, help me my baby will die!” There was a woman and her baby at the top of the burning building. Then to the woman’s relief twenty winged firemen […]

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February 1st, 2016 by and tagged ,

1596 Aahan 1598 Jacek 100wc Draft: “It’s really busy today,” I frustratingly told myself. Clean the house. Check. Water the plants. Check. Organize the drawer. Check All these housework made me starving so I decided to cook food. All of a sudden, Mr. Oswald called while I was cooking. ”Are you picking up the box of […]

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Writing made fun

January 27th, 2016 by and tagged ,

Blogging is a great thing to do because you get awesome comments on what you did well and what you could work on. Also its not just your teacher reading your work its the whole world. While you are reading other peoples work you can gather inspiration so you’re work could improved. On the blog you […]

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January 17th, 2016 by and tagged ,

794Sophia 768Fred I was at the dentist and I joined the queue to get an appointment. I was at the dentist because I had a tooth ache. It all started when I was eating  a cake and I think I bit a piece of metal. The piece of metal broke my tooth and I lost it […]

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