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100WC (Silence, orange, swam, thunder, pyjamas )

May 22nd, 2016 by and tagged ,

ACARPPIE The silence was great until Sharah got bored. She was really hungrey, so she told her mum, and she said “Get an orange.” Luckily, Shara liked oranges. She was also bored because the wether wasn’t great. CRASH!!! There suddenly passed a thunder strike. Sharah had just fineshed her mouth-watering sticky toffee pudding, after her tea, […]

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Stop bullying today!

March 19th, 2016 by and tagged

Every day somebody is getting bullied! Being bullied is nasty. I have been bullied more than once in the past! I always told my mum I didn’t want to go to school, but she said I have to! I hated it! I tried to do so many things you  like, I don’t feel well so that I didn’t have […]

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One hundred word challenge! (hero)

March 7th, 2016 by and tagged ,

http://5443 Ayana                                                                                     http://5434 Ardon Draft one! My great  mum is a hero, she once saved us from nearly having a house fire. Luckily, there is more than one hero! My cat is a hero! Once my Pops ( my granddad) started boiling boiled eggs and he had forgot about the eggs and nearly lit the […]

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Five reasons why you should blog and why you should blog.

February 28th, 2016 by and tagged

Blogging is a fun way to express your writing.It is more fun because the world can see your work and comment on your work.You can write about anything you want as long as it is appropriate. Think would you write this in your book.You can help other people learn how to be better writers.The comments […]

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Street Girl. Part one.

February 15th, 2016 by and tagged

She was lonely, lost. She had no where to keep warm. This is scary for her because she lives near a war zone. This war has been going on for years. She has lived on the streets for months. One day I walked past her. I asked if she okay. There was no answer. I helped her […]

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My story three!

January 28th, 2016 by and tagged

One day, I went to the corner shop for my nana, when something happened, and I was sort of shocked! As I entered the shop, the boy said, will you gout with me?” I didn’t know what to say, because I don’t like him that much, so not thinking about what I was saying, I […]

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My story.

January 28th, 2016 by and tagged

2005 , and I was born. I can’t remember anything as a baby, exept I remember throwing a wooden block at my brother’s head. Three years ago, I was took into care. First I was took in by my auntie, but then I ended up with my nanna and granddad. So far it has been a […]

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The blog.

January 26th, 2016 by and tagged ,

Why do you need the blog? The blog has many advantages because you can show off your writing to the world. You will soon discover a hidden talent, that you do not know about. Also you will be able to build up your imagination by reading other people’s work and picking up ideas to make stories […]

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All about drop dead Fred. (My 100 wc). My own version.

January 15th, 2016 by and tagged

On Sunday the 14th of Feburary I wathced drop dead Fred. My favourite part was… My faverouite part was when Fred got ran over by the fire engien.  Lizzy (snot face) thoyght that he had died, but he haddn’t. The most funniest part was when Fred kept scaring Lizzy. Fred is Lizzy’s imagenary friend. She […]

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100 word Challange play script.

January 9th, 2016 by and tagged ,

Keeper : ” hello.” Customer: Can I order an chocolate cake with a flake and marshmallows? Keeper: Yes, it will be here for tomorrow. Customer: Thank-you. Keeper: Your welcome. Bye! custermer: Bye! Hellen: When will it be here? Tammy: tomorrow at ten: thirty am. Dore bell: Ding dong. Tammy: It was here on time. We […]

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