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Spelling Sentences

February 5th, 2016 by and tagged ,

  1. Terrified and trembling, I began to climb up the wall that was the height of my house.
  2. My went shopping and asked me to carry 2 shopping bags.  They felt like the weight of a huge animal.
  3. The talented young footballer, who was a delight to watch, scored an amazing goal, which went into the top right hand corner.
  4. I got the fright of my life when my brother jumped out at me; I try and get him back all the time.
  5. She let out a mighty laugh when the clown fell over.
  6. Is their a slight chance I could win?
  7. I was in a plight situation, because the frail old wooden bridge was tearing to pieces under the weight of the herd of cattle.
  8. The lightening struck the house and set the house alarm off in the middle of the night.
  9. I might be able to scavenge for some food in the lower parts of the Amazon Forest.
  10. My brother turned eighteen last year, whilst we were in the sunny climates of Cape Verde.

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February 5th, 2016 by and tagged ,

My  brother is turning eight tomorrow and I have got him a multicolored Superman toy.

The sun was that bright it turned me blind and then I had to go to hospital.

I went on a 12 hour flight to Italy for 7 weeks.

It was a lovely sight of the sea and the beach.

When I went to go for dinner with my friends when these two guys having a fight right outside of my house.

It was turning night so we went outside and looked at the lovely sight of the sea and the sun set.

there was a strange light coming from the sea so I went and checked it out.

It was a tight squeeze at the swimming pool because they were opening the big pool.

Tonight were going to tell spooky story’s  about water.

we looked to the right to see a haunted mansion full of pugs.


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February 5th, 2016 by and tagged ,

  1. Each morning when I wake up, the sun is always shining bright, into my bedroom window.
  2. I took a flight to Spain, with my family last year, for my summer holidays. My grandma lives in Spain.
  3. The optician says my sight isn’t very good, therefore I may have to start wearing glasses.
  4. My sister and I, can sometimes fight, even though I love her to bits.
  5. Every night before I go to bed, my mum will make me a hot chocolate. This makes me lovely and warm.
  6. One day my light bulb blew up, it really scared me, it was a big explosion, my mum panicked as didn’t know where the bang came from.
  7. My mum says that she has to go on a diet, because her trousers have become tight. I told her that she doesn’t need to go on a diet as she looks perfect.
  8. Tonight, we are going to watch The Voice on TV. I like it because I use my desk chair, which spins and I will pretend that I am also one of the judges.
  9. I can sometime struggle to tell my left from my right. When I walk the dogs with my mum, she will say go right at the top of the road, and I will sometimes get confused and go left.

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Spelling sentences

February 5th, 2016 by and tagged ,

The Extraordinary height of the ship, made me speechless. 

I was shocked on how much the weight of the women was.

I was in delight when my mum said I was going to Disneyland.

Stupidly, my brother gave me a fright when he jumped out of the conner.

As I walked to the  might  house I felt a shiver up my spine.

“The slight  bit of trouble you shall all be in” bellowed Mrs Gharbi.

When  I went to Bury I lost my wallet so i was plight.

About twelve o clock, the nightmare strock like lightning. 

With all the might I hade  finally lifted the rock hard brick.

Exited and egger, I turned eighteen on the 5 of March.


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Spellings ight or ite List 9

February 5th, 2016 by and tagged ,

I sometimes struggle with my EIGHT times tables.

The flash light `which is very bright` was used to find the dog.

The flight was delayed because of the beautiful white snow.

When the man got hit by a car his sight was very blury.

Rocky balboa wins a LOT of boxing fights.

The fire `which was hot ` lit the night sky.

The light bulb burnt the old mans hand.

My brother ties his dressing gown really tight.

Tonight my mum is having a thanksgiving party

sometimes I struggle with my left and rights.


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Spelling sentences.

February 5th, 2016 by and tagged ,

On the twenty ninth of may my sister, who is annoying, will be eight.

My aunty Stacy, who is eighteen, cried when she saw the height of a skyscraper.

A lighthouse, which guides boats, can blind you if you look at the bright light too long.

My cousin, who is crazy, has a weight of 29.6pounds.

One night I had a nightmare, it was about a cereal killer chase me with a knife.

My grandma, who was eighty, passed away.

I am dumb, because I get my left and rights mixed up.

I ate a cake, it was delightful.

One day or night, my knight will save me.

The darkest hour before the light, a hidden treasure plain in sight.

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Spellings: ight, ite or ate.

February 5th, 2016 by and tagged ,


In the stripy boat, I saw a lighthouse slowly descend to the floor.

Shooting up from my bed, I had a very eerie nightmare, why do I always have them?

Even thought the prince was very handsome, princess Anna chose the strong knight to marry.

Amazed that her drink £100 Emma started to tighten her drink so it would not spill.

” Don’t touch that! The brach has suffered blight. ” explained Danny.

Slightly damp, the coat had been dropped in a bag of sticky coke, but luckily Someone picked it up quickly.

Frightened and unaware, Luke watch where he stood as  enormous leeches where sucking onto anyone who walked on their home.

“Whom who was delightful, was to be frown in jail,”declared evil King James.

My grandma, who is very kind and helpful will become eighty tomorrow!

“In the summer we have a lot of sightseer’s coming in Scotland,” announced the Queen.


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Spellings Group 3 List 9

February 5th, 2016 by and tagged ,

(1)  Naughtily the lighthouse, which was 35 years old, kicked the ocean.

(2) As my nightmare went on and on, my legs and arms were shivering more than they should be.

(3) Brave and strong, the knight, who was extremely muscular, protected the beautiful princess. 

(4) That man over there, who tried to tighten his lace yesterday, just FELL OVER!

(5) I blasted,” Why does the weather always blight my football matches?”

(6) On top of the mountain that I climbed, I was slightly disappointed that the view was blurred.

(7) Playing boisterously, me and my friend, who is called Lewis, were frightened by a stranger.

(8) Charmed, I ate the delightful cake, which  was the flavour chocolate.

(9) The amazing Lionel Messi, who’s birthday is the same day as my eighty year old granddad, is one of the smallest footballers in the world.

(10)Unluckily, Queen Elizabeth, who is the queen of Great Britain, had only 5 days to sightseer Paris.

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Spelling (week 9 ‘ight’)

February 5th, 2016 by and tagged ,

Nervously, I jumped off the building, but the height of it was mind blowing.

Although I was strong, I struggled to lift the heavy weight.

The delight of 6D being the best blog in the world is awesome, but in the other hand we need to avoid the ‘Dark Lord’ beating us.  LOVE THIS SENTENCE! 🙂 

Out of nowhere, a big, black, furry spider pounced upon me and gave me a fright.

The mighty Margawa’, who was the boss of all zombies was defeated by the one and only Ryley.

There was a slight miss understanding between Ryley and Jake, because playtime finished early.

Mr. Poe told the kids in a kind way that there was plight fire, and they lost there parents in it.

Suddenly, the lightning struck down into the lonely field.

Zack unfortunately said, “I might not be able to come.”

When Jess was eighteen, we all celebrated her birthday because it was a special one. 



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My spelling sentences

February 3rd, 2016 by and tagged ,


The stripy lighthouse, which looked like a candy cane, was slowly falling over.

Crying in his sleep, he tossed and turned whilst having his scary nightmare.

Scared, the new knight, who wasn’t very brave, hid behind the curtains.

In his room, his mum told him to tighten his velcro belts before he went to school.

Sad and smelly, the plant, that wasn’t that old, suffered from blight and disease.

Although he was a professional, the football player, who had been playing for years, slightly missed the goal.

Lonely, when it was Ben’s first day at school, he got frightened; Ben made some new friends.

Underneath the bed, the delightful present, which had been there for ages, waited for someone to open it.

Which street led to his eighty year old grandmother’s house?

For his birthday, Paul, who was stunned, got a gift of his mum to go and sightseer in Paris.

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