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Memories of year 6…

June 19th, 2016 by

We have had so much fun in year 6 (even when we were working so hard to get ready for the SATS) and now, as we get ready to leave primary school, is the time to remember some of those magical moments. They don’t have to be about something that happened in the classroom, it can be from playtime, dinner time, trips….anything that you will remember about year 6. I look forward to reading some of these memories and sharing them with you all.

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2 Responses to “Memories of year 6…”

  1.   Aya Says:

    My favourite part of year six was when Mrs Duxbury tricked us after the sats. She said we where doing angle work in after school club, but when we where there, she brought ice lollies from the freezer! We then played out for the rest of the afternoon. It was one of the best parts of year 6! And there are so many more!


  2.   NANETTE Says:

    Wow you guys really liked year six!
    are you going to miss primary?
    Jessica i think you could of said what you liked about year six and Robert , Luke but it made me laugh.


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