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On the 28th of May I….

June 3rd, 2016 by and tagged

On the 28th of May, I went to something called Splash world in Southport, it was amazing. I went with my dad, my brother (Jacob), my sister (Isabel), my aunty Gemma, my aunty Sammy, my friends( Andrew, Ashley and Warren) and Andrew and Ashley’s mum. In splash world, there were three slides, two blue, and one yellow, the yellow slide was a doughnut slide-which means, when you went down it you needed an inflatable ring with the little handles on it. Also when you got half way down the slide you would get stuck in a deep puddle of water, so you had to get out of your doughnut and push it, so that you can jump back onto it and go down the rest of the slide. The two blue slides were different, all because the wider slide was slower than the other one. I went down the slower slide first because I didn’t know how fast they were, but I soon realised that they were not as fast as I thought. The thinner slide was quite fast but not as fast as it said on the notice just outside the changing rooms.

Next to the pool there was this play ground for the swimming pool. At the top where no-one could reach there was a giant yellow bucket that filled up with water and when it as full it would tip over and if you were standing underneath you would get really wet. My aunty Sammy, Andrew, Ashley, Warren and I all lay underneath it and it hit us on the back, it had lots of power. 

I had lots of fun in splash world, why don’t you tell us what you did in the holidays.          


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2 Responses to “On the 28th of May I….”

  1.   NALIYENI Says:

    wow Alesha I like your story

    What was your favrotie part of going to Southport ?
    What you need to improve on is capital letters because when you say Aunty you didn’t put a capital letter.



  2.   Melissa Kamau Says:

    1.WOW!!! You must have had a great day there!
    2.How did you feel when you went on the doughnut slide?
    3.Could you have told us how you felt on the playground for the swimming pool?



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