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Sapphire Battersea – reading stem

May 24th, 2016 by and tagged ,

I predict that in this chapter, Sapphire will be asked to do some jobs around the grand house : She probably won’t do it correctly and get shouted at. Just from looking at the first sentence in this chapter, I can infer that she has overslept. I think that ‘behind like a sheep’s tail’ ┬ámeans that they are running later then ever. I think that the word genuflected means worked. I know now that it means – from late. I have predicted correctly and Sapphire has not understood how to operate the kitchen range and has been sent off in disgrace. I think that if Sapphire really did ‘scrub her fingernails raw’ then Sarah (the head housemaid) should at least tell her that she has done a good job. I think that having to shape the butter into a rose for Mr Buchanan (Sapphire’s boss) is just ridiculous. I wonder why Bertie (the butcher’s boy) keeps calling Sapphire beautiful.

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2 Responses to “Sapphire Battersea – reading stem”

  1.   Monisha Says:

    1.Wow!daisy…that piece of work was amazing,you made me want to read more of your prediction and the story. Keep it up Daisy!plus ,I think you will be a famous Author.

    2.Do you like the story, do you enjoy it?

    3.Maybe you can add some speech to make it more interesting.


  2.   Angela Says:

    I love the series of Hetty Feather I agree Mr Buchanan is a wicked man in little stars the 4rth book Bertie comes back and he performs in the Calvalade.

    Why do you think she will not do her jobs right?

    Try to use more description.


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