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Persuasive letter!

May 24th, 2016 by and tagged

Dear Mrs Duxbury,

I am writing this letter to inform you why I want to be one of the eight people going to Kids meet.

Here are my reasons why I think I will be good enough to go to Kids meet.

  • I will have an amazing attitude and mix well with the other schools.
  • My best behavior and manners will be shown all the time.
  • I feel like I can explain why you should blog and 100wc  really well.
  • I  can use my expression to drag people in. ( Of course, in a good way!)
  • I am very confident and  quite bright.  This – I think- will make the reader want to carry on listening to us.
  • I LOVE blogging so maybe other children will see how happy I am about blogging.
  • Also, I really want to go.

Hopefully, you have taken this letter into notice and I have convinced you to choose me


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