It was Christmas, I went downstairs. I heard a ring at the door. It was Conner. I opened the door and he helped me open the presents. I got an RC helicopter 2 RC cars one like a police car and one with tank wheels and blue around with a logo on the top and sides which could drive upside down. Then I opened a giant tank with soldiers. I found a delicately wrapped funny-looking shape, it was moving! I opened the parcel nervously. Nobody thought they existed, but I had a real-life baby dragon. I patted it’s head, or should I say the head in the middle, as it had 3 heads. Mum told me that it’s favorite food was meat and bones. ┬áSo then it was dinner. I found out that we were eating a turkey called Mr Lord and you could cook him because he was no use. My dragon ate the bones and the legs and he ate some chicken drumsticks. We ate the other bits and the dragon ate the leftovers. He loved it. The dragon was vicious when Connor put his hand out, but soon he trusted Conner and we all went hunting. We were very lucky as we found a turkey park called Mr Lord’s chicken park. Funny enough the turkey’s inside were called Mr Lord. We catches 50 Mr Lord’s in one day so we put 45 of them In the refrigerator and cooked and ate 5. My dragon ate 3 turkeys and me and Conner ate one each of the funny Mr Lord’s. When it was night we said goodbye and before Conner left, I gave him one of my RC car which looked like a police car. We said goodbye and went to sleep, but before that we talked about what if we came to his house to look at his presents. We agreed and he went back home.