In the beginning

in the beginning of a day in school i sat down and saw people i didn’t know. They spoke another language. They were saying words that were like Indian people. It was home time and i told my mum that there were people i didn’t know.  My mum said speak Indian back to them. I said i can’t speak Indian. When we got home my mum googled Indian words. then it came up with not Indian words it came up

2 thoughts on “In the beginning”

  1. Hi
    This does not really engage the reader. You could have used better words to describe how the Indians spoke. There is a missing punctuation (like capital letters)
    Next time try to use better words in your work and include correct punctuation.

  2. A great start to blogging Luke. You had a strong start, well done.
    Remember capital letters and commas after a fronted adverbial.

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