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Last week was ANTI-BULLYING week – a nationwide initiative to help raise awareness around the issues of bullying and helping to provide children with strategies to combat bullying behaviour.

This is something we take very seriously at Ribble Drive and through the teaching of Character Matters and our PSHE curriculum, we continue in our efforts to keep children safe, both in and out of school.

The theme for this week was: ‘We are all different, we are all unique’ and is echoed in the book­, WONDER’ which the year 6 children are reading in their lessons.   The children have spent many lessons discussing what it means to #choosekind and how to stand up to people when they are mean to us – to have courage and be resilient.

Resilience is one of our character traits in school and during Mrs. Duxbury’s assembly, the year 6 children acted out a drama to show that it is harder to be mean to someone when they are kind back to you. By refusing to give the bully power with words, we can become more resilient and stand up to bullies and stop their behaviour.

Please click through the slideshow below with your child and ask them to tell you about what they learnt in this assembly and what activities they did over the week. Ask them about the green apples and the toothpaste and how this helps us to understand the power of words and how we should all try to remember to CHOOSE KIND.